Ag engineer, hog farmer, businesswoman, driver of large equipment, problem-solver. The reader happily follows two decades in the life of this transplant from Germany. “Female and foreigner,” we delight in her overcoming obstacles of cultural differences between her native land & the U.S., the suspicion of (mostly) male farmers, problem teenagers, & severe weather — all balanced by the helpfulness of other people she meets, her own hard work & stamina, as well as her generally positive take on life. The reader is set at ease by the narrator’s confidence, intelligence, and grit that match her rousing ambitions. Lap litters, “character” pets, and ornery hogs are backgrounded by keenly observed facets of human behavior, all written in a lively, bright, fresh style with lots of humor. Her story is also that of creating high standards of animal science practice and producing healthy, well-cared-for hogs. However, even when the hog market “crashes,” she realizes that other avenues might be open to her.

Professor Emerita

Regional Midwest College

Smart, pragmatic, caring and a survivor of unique life experiences. Brigitte contributed to the early success of Annie’s Project, an education program for farm women, with her effective communication skills and ability to relate to the lives of her audience. Brigitte is among the most interesting collection of personality and life experiences in my network of friends and collaborators!

Ruth Hambleton

Founder of Annie’s Project